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Preparing the TUK-TUK
This boat is propelled by steam made in the boiler. The boiler is located under the chimney and needs to be thoroughly filled with water.

    1. With the enclosed in plastic gadget fill two fillings of water into one exhaust pipe. Shake that water towards the boiler with a swift movement. Keep on filling water in the same exhaust pipe, untill it comes out thoroughly of the other pipe (side images).

2. Put the boat into the water. Put the candle holder with the lit candle into the boat. The candle's flame needs to be under the boiler (images underneath).


3. After a couple of seconds for heating up the TUK-TUK starts its journey!

Don't lift the boat out of the water as long as the candle is burning. The engine is watercooled.

4. To prolong the journey you can stock up the candle holder with additional pieces of wax.

5. The boat needs to be dryed thoroughly after use. All water has to be shaken or blown out of the boiler.

CE-Norm This toy has no CE norm. Children under the age of 12 must not use this boat without supervision.

Warranty In case of material damage at delivery the TUK-TUK steamboat will be replaced.